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ArcelorMittal is committed to making steel more sustainable in all aspects of its production, and our Liberian mining project has presented unique environmental challenges at the very origin of steel manufacturing.

The most easily accessible ore seams are found in the Nimba Mountain range, renowned for its biodiversity and high levels of endemic species. We therefore have taken our responsibility to produce no net damage to the Liberian environment very seriously.

The forests of West Nimba are already in a state of severe degradation due to agricultural practices and overhunting, and are likely to be damaged beyond repair within the next decade, even in the absence of mining. Our mining area consists of approximately 500 hectares, representing less than one percent of the total forest; however, we have researched methods to stop forest destruction and developed programs for sustainable forest management.

Prior to starting mining activities, we commissioned a year-long survey, the most comprehensive environmental survey ever executed in Liberia and found several new species and revealed that more than 400 species of birds and more than 740 species of butterflies and moths call this region home. Mount Nimba is the highest ranking area for the Alliance for Zero Extinction in Africa, meaning it is the only remaining refuge for one or more endangered animals. ArcelorMittal is committed to operate in ways that will have the least environmental impact.

The Biodiversity Conservation Program, launched August 2011 is our response to the ongoing forest destruction throughout the Nimba Mountains. The program is initiating a much more comprehensive stakeholder consultation process to ensure full engagement at all levels and to ensure the most thorough and feasible sustainability plans are developed and implemented.

In July of 2012 several memorandums of understanding were signed between ArcelorMittal and the Forestry Development Authority for joint support and management of the forests in the Nimba Mountains.

Our vision is to establish a Nimba Mountains conservation area with the capacity and structuring for multiple land uses within appropriately designated zones, ultimately leading to sustainable land management that will enable a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem.

The other method ArcelorMittal has identified to promote a sustainable future is agricultural intensification, some rapid impact projects to provide short-term benefits to affected communities such as domestic animal raising and rice-fish pond farming.

We are also committed to mining in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways possible.

To meet our international safety, health and environmental standards we have designed and ordered new sewage systems to be installed, and will bring in a waste treatment plant when the housing units in our concession areas have been completed.

To ensure energy security, we have built two centralized power plants, one in Yekepa and one in Buchanan, to provide electricity not just to our operations but the entire township.