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Message from our CEO

We are the world’s leading steel and mining company, underpinned by distinct values

When Mittal Steel and Arcelor merged in 2006 to form the world’s largest steel company, the newly formed ArcelorMittal was founded on three values: sustainability, quality and leadership.


We are guiding the evolution of steel and mining to secure the best future for the up and downstream industry and for generations to come. Our commitment to the world we live in extends beyond the bottom line to include the safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities of which we are a part. This long-term approach is central to our business philosophy.


We look beyond today to imagine the steel of tomorrow. Through the talent of our people and our cutting-edge products, we create world-class solutions for both our steel and minerals customers.


We are bold thinkers with a clear vision for the future of steel: the fabric of life. We are proud of our achievements and our entrepreneurial spirit, which brought us to the forefront of our industries.

What we stand for

These three values, together with our operating philosophy of producing safe, sustainable steel, have guided ArcelorMittal through its first five years of operations.

This philosophy also encompasses our company-wide priority, health and safety, and our Journey to Zero campaign, and I am pleased to say that we have made major progress in our goal of improving health and safety at ArcelorMittal.

As well as pursuing this priority, we also set ourselves the challenge of ‘transforming tomorrow’. As the world's leading steel and mining company, we have unique responsibilities. With the needs of future generations in mind, we continue to expand the potential of steel. As an infinitely recyclable material that is highly adaptable, steel can be a sustainable material that is part of modern life, from providing steel for the trains and cars used in the daily journey to work, to being used in the buildings we live in and the sports stadiums and art galleries we visit.


ArcelorMittal has pursued a consistent, three-dimensional business strategy over a number of years focusing on product diversity, geographic reach and diversification – both upstream in the production of iron ore and coal and downstream in steel distribution.

This means that we value scale, with our steel and mining operations spread across all regions of the world. A unique, diversified global business model is one of our key strengths.

Having an industrial presence in more than 20 countries exposes the company to all the key steel markets, both emerging and mature. Around 39% of our steel is produced in the Americas, 44% in Europe and 17% in countries including Kazakhstan, South Africa and Ukraine.

Product diversity is also important to us: just over a third (34%) of our steel is finished products, 28% are speciality products, 27% are value-added and 11% semi-finished.

And having an integrated steel and mining company means we can secure supplies of iron ore and become largely self-sufficient.

A successful future

The continued success of ArcelorMittal relies on five things: people and safety; capital; knowledge; growth; and mining.

As people are our most valuable asset, their health and safety is of primary importance and we are recognising that through the investments being made in our Journey to Zero campaign.

Capital is a precious resource, so maintaining the post-crisis, strengthened foundation we have in our balance sheet is a priority.

Linked to capital is growth. Our presence in emerging markets is a major competitive advantage. We are already the largest steel producer in Latin America, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe, and we have identified Brazil as a major growth market.

Growth will also come from our mining business. We have a strong portfolio, and aim to continue investing in and expanding our mining assets. We have set an annual target of 84 million tons of iron ore by 2015.

Our global presence fuels our knowledge base, which in turn gives us the opportunity to continuously improve and innovate in the products we offer.

Looking ahead, we will continue to be guided by our values. But crucially, we also are driven by a real passion for steel and the role it has to play in modern life. This passion has helped us on the journey the company has taken so far, and it will also help to ensure we remain the world’s largest and most successful steel company.