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As a company, we are committed to operating sustainably, and we have established diverse and clear objectives to ensure that we honor this commitment.

Corporate responsibility

In line with ArcelorMittal’s global corporate responsibility approach, our corporate responsibility strategy focuses around the four key themes of: investing in our people; enriching our communities; making steel more sustainable and – a value that underpins the first three areas – transparent governance. These cover our safety, environmental, human resource, community investment, stakeholder engagement and corporate governance responsibilities.

Investing in our people

Our people are at the heart of our business. We need their ideas and rely on their hard work and commitment for the success of the business. We treat them with dignity and respect, invest in their development, and aim to provide them with a safe and healthy working environment.

Enriching our communities

We play an important role in all the communities where we operate. We want to contribute to the development of strong and sustainable local communities where we work. We do this by being sensitive to local cultures, issues and priorities, by engaging with our communities in an open and transparent way, and by working in partnership with local organizations.

Making steel (and mining) more sustainable

We are working on technologies that will redefine the mining and steelmaking process, pioneering more sustainable practices and contributing positively to the challenge of climate change. We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to help them achieve their environmental goals through innovation in steel products.

Transparent governance

We believe in open and visible governance, grounded in business reality. We take steps to understand the true impact of our operations, predict the future consequences, and manage risks consistently across our operations. We endeavour to engage meaningfully with key stakeholders and respond in a transparent manner.